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Learning circle 2Christian Discipleship Centre is a non-denominational Christian Training Centre providing residential one year full time and short courses on different level to develop human resources for the church ministries and also for community development. To-day CDC trained 789 workers are working with many missions, churches and organizations all over Bangladesh mostly in villages, helping the desperately needy people to work towards a better future. It is said, “The people who are well do not need a physician but only those who are sick”.

In Bangladesh 85% people live in villages due to circumstances they are deprived of education, social and economic opportunities in life. People have lot of superstitions and ignorance in them. To overcome of these situations “Learning Circle Course was initiated in September 2012 to develop and strengthen the abilities of these needy people in rural areas.

Learning circleIn cooperation and partnership with SIL Bangladesh Learning Circle activities are running in 12 districts of Bangladesh. CDC have already completed 15 groups among 180 people whom 53% of them are women making a significant changes in their personal and social life.

Project begins in September 2012 in partnership with SIL Bangladesh in 7 districts. Until 2013 total 10 batches has completed the training for 120 people. In 2014 total 15 centers are running with 180 students are learning in 11 districts.

What is learning Circle?
Learning circle is a small group of people (7-12) discuss together a particular subject and have decisions for regular learning through discussion.

Learning circle 3Aim of Learning Circle
To bring awareness in the society about the environment, their economic situation, health issues and skills. In learning circle the facilitator guides the group and participants share each other’s views. By doing this they learn from each other about their topic.

What do they learn?
There are five books in the total course. Each book is having 8 lessons that takes 8 weeks to complete one book. Twice in the year facilitators comes in CDC and do refresher’s course. When they come they do share their experiences and improvement in participant’s lives.

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