CDC’s vision is to be an effective agent of hope and service to empower the Church and the Community by providing life oriented Discipleship training and skill building activities and services.


We are Christians: We seek to follow and serve our savior Lord Jesus Christ in His love for all people without discrimination to bless them with dignity bestowed by God.

We value people: All people are created and loved by God. We are called to  love and serve people with attitude and acts that respect the dignity, uniqueness and intrinsic worth of every person.

We are witness: We are to live what we believe. Our life and selfless service should bring hope, direction, encouragement and help to the people, and be an agent for healing and arrest the decay in the people and community.

We are stewards: We are not owner of the resources at our disposal. They are a sacred trust from God through donors. We are faithful to the purpose and it’s use for which those resources are given.

We are partners: We are member of the universal body of Christ that transcends national, ethnic and cultural boundaries. We are responsive to work in partnership with others with common goals.