The Christian Discipleship Centre (CDC) was founded in 1979 by an Indian Missionary Biswanath Acharyya Chowdhuri and his wife Mrs. Vijaymala Chowdhuri. Mr. Chowdhuri was used to work as a scientist when in September 1963 he suffered complete paralysis of his body in a work related accident. While undergoing treatment in the hospital, he had an opportunity to read a Gideon’s New Testament where he found a new life in Jesus Christ. A former Hindu Brahmin, Biswanath (Bishu) became a Christian.

After long Medical treatments in India and Australia he had recovered but as a paraplegic. In 1974, after taking missionary training in Australia, he and his wife, Vijaya, came to Bangladesh.

As a paraplegic and with very limited mobility he could not hope to reach and serve in villages where most people in Bangladesh lives but he had a vision to establish a Christian Centre that could serve as an avenue by which he could share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with the village dwellers. If he could not go to the village because of physical constraint, people could come to the Centre for training in ministry. Therefore in 1979 the Christian Discipleship Centre (CDC) was established.

It is now a Christian resource development ministry for human, theological, technical and material resources needed specially in the grass root rural churches and communities to improve their spiritual and socio-economic status to take their rightful place and make effective contribution in national life with dignity and more effective Christian witnessing.